Merewina is a midlander Hyur who could be found on the outside edge of the Mizzenmast building in Limsa Lominsa, a floor below the inn. She would inform the player of the various races that inhabit Limsa when questioned.


Merewina is not involved in any quests.


Merewina: Well met. My name is Merewina, and I am traveling across the realm documenting the various characteristics of the races and clans who live in Eorzea. I one day hope to compile them all in a tome similar to the Raimdelle Codex, but of the people of Eorzea rather than the fauna. Perhaps you would enjoy listening to what I have collected so far?

(What would you like to hear about? The races prevalent in Limsa Lominsa)
(Which race would you like to hear about? The Midland Hyur)
Merewina: Midlanders do not possess the endless stamina of the Roegadyn, nor the hawk-like eyes of the Elezen, nor the hound-like noses of the Miqo'te, nor the deer-like ears of the Lalafell, nor even the muscle-bound builds of their cousins, the Highland Hyur.
Then how, you ask, is it that they became the most prevalent race in the realm?
Why, I believe it is their creativity and craft, combined with their intrinsic ability to adapt and borrow from other cultures.
Is there anything else?
(The Plainsfolk Lalafell)
Merewina: The Plainsfolk are the descendants of the Lalafell tribes who lived on the massive expanses of grasslands covering a stretch of islands far to the south of Limsa Lominsa, across the Sea of Merlthor.
While their bodies are small, their ears are markedly large and developed - a trait thought to have been once necessary to locate food, as well as detect enemies in the wide expanse of the steppe.
One of the theories as to why many of them have green hair is that the color helped them blend into the tall grasses, making them more difficult to find by avian predators such as the giant rocs known to hunt the region.
(The Sea Wolf Roegadyn)
Merewina: Every child has heard frightening bedtime tales of fearless, bloodthirsty vikings who would stalk the five seas in their longboats, mercilessly reaving and pillaging coastal villages until the ship holds were overflowing with plunder, and the villages with their bastards.
Several hundred years ago, this was most certainly an accurate description of the Sea Wolf clan; however, now only a fraction of those characteristics remain.
They still are recognized by their remarkable gait and girth, booming voices, and quick tempers, while many follow (albeit loosely) in the steps of their ancestors and exceed in the art of sailing.
I suppose many of them feel right at home here in Limsa Lominsa.
(The enemies of the thalassocracy)
(What do you wish to hear of? The kobolds)
Merewina: The kobolds are stout, mole-like creatures who live inside the fiery mountain of O'Ghomoro situated in northern Vylbrand.
Because of the way they are built, it can appear they run on four legs, which leads believe to believe they are closer to animals than they are the five races. However, this could not be farther from the truth, as the kobolds are devoid of most any barbaric traits.
They are, for one, known to be extremely pious, and consider ores and metals to be the carnal manifestations of their patron deity, Titan. They also possess advanced knowledge of smelting and armoring, utilizing techniques to rival even the renowned smiths of Naldiq & Vymelli's.
(The Sahagin)
Merewina: In my three summers here in Vylbrand, I have yet to see one of the aquatic beasts the locals refer to as 'fishbacks', and the rumors gathered from the people of Limsa Lominsa are, well…let us say 'inconclusive'.
For example, people claim they can only breathe underwater, wear armor made form shells and seaweed, have no eyelids, can survive without food for six turns of the moon, can swim faster than a two-hundred-oar galleon, have a three-sided head with a mouth on each side, and kidnap babies from fisher villages to sacrifice them to their deity, Leviathan…amongst other things.
However, one thing is known for certain - there are many former citizens of Limsa Lominsa who have, for reasons unclear, given up their lives in the thalassocracy to join the beastmen. The worst of these dissenters are known as the Serpent Reavers.
(The Garleans)
Merewina: The Garleans are an enigmatic race of people form a massive empire situated to the north and east of Eorzea, and despite coming form a realm so large, remarkably little is known about them.
As few have ever seen them without their armor, rumors about their physical make up are many, some of the more 'colorful' claims being that they implant machina in their bodies to improve agility and strength, and that they possess a third eye allowing them to see in all directions at once.
Though, I would assume there is little truth to these sailors' tales…

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