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Merchess (メルチェス [merchess] in Japanese) is the mother of Tilika Tawantyn and wife of Kolka Tawantyn in Ring of Fates. She has one younger sister, Aleria. She never appeared by name in the game, but was mentioned in the supplementary materials. Because of this, the spelling of her name is an approximation based on the Japanese name. It also bears noting that her name rhymes with Aleria's Japanese name, Archess.
There is no exact description of Merchess available, although one could imagine her to be a brunette like her sister. She is a Clavat.


Merchess was born and raised in Rebena Te Ra, where she became one of the temple's maidens due to being a Starsinger. There, she met with her future husband, prince Kolka. It is unknown when exactly they first formally met, although it had happened by the time Aleria was 13 years old. Merchess's exact age in relation to that of Aleria is unknown, although she must have been in her mid to late teens at that time.

Years passed and she married Kolka who became the new king. It is unknown in what order these two events actually happened. However, some time after their marriage the two had their only child, Tilika. Merchess didn't get to enjoy family life for long however, as she passed away soon after Tilika's birth.

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