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Meeth Crym (ミース・クリム [meeth crym] in Japanese) is one of the playable characters in Ring of Fates. She's a Lilty of around 40 years of age at the time Yuri and Chelinka are 12, with blue eyes and yellow-green hair. She may appear and at times behave like a child, but she is in fact an adult and an accomplished alchemist.
For the majority of the game she is a teacher and friend to Yuri and Chelinka. Before that, she was a tutor to princess Tilika and maid to Aleria.

In the Japanese version, she is voiced by Michiru Wada.

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Early Years


Nothing is known about the early life and family of Meeth. The earliest details of her life are given at the time princess Tilika had already been born, and then she was her tutor. It might be that she was a part-time tutor, and was Aleria's maid at the same time.

Meeth was present the day that Rela Cyel was destroyed. She had just brought princess Tilika from Rebena Te Ra the same day. When Latov and Aleria ran back in to Rela Cyel, Meeth and Alhanalem were sent away to safety with the other refugees.

After that day, Meeth moved to the small village east of Rebena Te Ra with Latov, Aleria and Alhanalem. It is unknown if she knew Al before that, but afterwards the two came to be on well enough terms to live in the same house. When Aleria gave birth to her twins, Meeth was present, and came out to report to Latov that he had a daughter - the first-born Chelinka - and another child on the way.
When Aleria was taken away by the Crystal Temple's men, Meeth became the unofficial cook of the village. She played with and helped bring up the twins.

Ring of Fates

Early on in Ring of Fates Meeth doesn't have too much of a role to play. She is seen in the background, being her childish self and insisting to the twins that she's an adult and should be treated as such. The day Cu Chaspel comes to the village for a second time to take away the twins, Meeth according to her own words is stuffed into her own alchemy pot and sent flying. If her explanation has any truth to it, she rolled and bounced in her pot all the way from the village to the ruined Rela Cyel, where she was trapped for the next several years.

When Yuri, Chelinka and Alhanalem make their way to her along with Gnash, the way out that Alhanalem had unlocked was blocked by a landslide. Meeth then decides it is a good time to use a different way she had explored before, but decided to be too dangerous to use by herself because of all the monsters. She gets the small group away from her lair and into the deepest parts of Rela Cyel, the the Crystal room, where they find the burned-out Crystal that witnessed the last moments of princess Tilika. She and Alhanalem end up explaining the past to the clueless twins.

After getting out of Rela Cyel, the group heads to Rebena Te Ra and king Kolka. While the king is still confused to begin with and the fake-Alhanalem tries to get them taken away, Meeth's words about princess Tilika manage to awaken the king's lost memories. They talk with the king for a while before Cu Chaspel shows up and stabs the king. The blame ends up being given to Meeth's group, and they are sent to Kilanda Isle as punishment.
Getting away from the isle isn't very easy either, as they end up making a detour through the land of the dead. However, after they get out the group ends up at the Great Crystal below the Rebena Te Ra Castle. They head up, and discover that something has happened to all the people within. They head to the king's room, fearing for the worst, and arrive just in time to save the king from Lich's claws.

With the king saved and his memory restored, king Kolka decides to personally lead the counter-attack on the temple. It is the next evening when Meeth's group heads for the temple. They defeat Cu Chaspel for good, and make their way to the top of the temple to defeat Galdes.
That is when everything starts to go wrong. Galdes has obtained his godly power through sacrificing Aleria, and when Yuri tries attacking Galdes directly he changes the world. This continues for a while, until one particular world where Yuri finally stands up to Galdes's mind games. That is the same world where Meeth, on business in Rebena Te Ra, suddenly remembers where she's supposed to be. She heads back to the temple and rejoins the group, who head up to defeat Galdes for good.

The world where Yuri ends up after trapping Galdes in an infinite time loop is a world where Meeth doesn't recognize the twins consciously. However, she still gets sad when Yuri and Chelinka come talk to her, she just doesn't know why.

In the final world (as seen in the multiplayer mode), Meeth once again lives in the same house with Alhanalem in their small village, together with Latov, Aleria, Yuri and Chelinka.


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Meeth has appeared once in the FF-TCG series, bearing the Earth element.

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