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Maximum, or Max as he is usually called (マキシマム or マックス in Japanese), is a Galka Paladin, and appeared in the FFXI Novel Series. He lives in a house in Bastok, and his housekeeper is Mrs Hanson. His age is unknown, but should be at least in the thirties. Likewise, not much is known about his early years.

Early Years

More than 15 years ago he used to adventure together with Flam Wayres, Sylvia Wayres, Gracq, Palm and Taffy. However, when Flam and Sylvia had a child, Iris, the party disbanded.
Even less is known about the next period in his life. However, at some point he served in the Bastokan army and got to know Kodai. He also became famous, although it isn't known whether that is before or after his adventures with Flam and Sylvia's party.
When Iris turned four, the party got together again. There intention was to escort Flam, Sylvia and Iris to Windurst from their previous home of San d'Oria. However, things went wrong. On the Mhaura-Selbina ferry, the undead attacked. Flam, Sylvia and Gracq died, their bodies never seen again. Iris was left alone, so Max took up guardianship.


In the following years, Max divided his time between fulfilling his duty, aspiring for the path of a Paladin - he was only a Warrior to begin with - and visiting Iris in Flam and Sylvia's San d'Oria house. He used to amuse Iris with stories of his adventures.

The Wind of Prayer

When Iris turned 15 years old she wanted to go adventuring. He got the idea of pacifying her by bringing her to Bastok where he lives. The two traveled on foot from San d'Oria to Bastok. Right outside of the city, they met with Alfred Lead - or Al - and saved him from a Goblin. The three got to know each other better, and finally Max left Iris in Al's care while he attended to his duties.

Not long after, Bastok made plans to attack Beadaux and Palborough at the same time. Max, being an experienced adventurer, was in the Beadaux attack force, and while he worried about Al and Iris, he couldn't stop them from joining the Palborough attack force.
Afterwards, Al and Iris got assigned a mission to travel to San d'Oria. Max had some duties at Bastok that held him behind, but he left to join the rest of the party as soon as he could. And well that he did that, for he arrived just in time to save them from an undead attack. Iris had frozen up at the sight of the undead. Afterwards in Selbina, he explained about the death of Iris's parents to the rest of the party.

After recuperating for a while, the party continued to San d'Oria with Max. There, they received orders to attend an attack force to Ghelsba Outpost. The attack goes relatively well despite a close call with an Orcish Warmachine, and the party manages to retrieve the blueprints for the Warmachine.

The Oath of Stars

Continuing from the last book, the party makes their way from San d'Oria to Selbina, and take the ferry to Mhaura. This fills Max with worry, as the situation is exactly like it was 11 years ago, on the night Flam, Sylvia and Gracq died. His worry is not baseless, as come nightfall the ferry gets attacked by the undead. And that is not all, for the ship appears to be the same ship that attacked that night all those years ago, as one of the undead is Flam. Before being completely destroyed, the ship of the undead retreats.

The party continues from Mhaura to Windurst, and all that happens along the way is that Max manages to gain the admiration of a Tarutaru monk called Cheet by saving him from a Serpopard. However, in Windurst he gets a surprise. The day after arriving, and having just received a mission to take care of a monster rampaging in Giddeus, he returns to the inn he's residing at and finds Kodai there.
Kodai reports to him that the Korroloka Tunnel has been opened, and that the way to Zepwell Island is now open. Kodai asks Max to go with him and Paser. After some hesitation, Max agrees. The three leave for Bastok and Korroloka Tunnel.

The Eternal Bond

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