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Not much is known about the life of Emperor Palamecia (パラメキア皇帝 [palamecia koutei] (Emperor Palamecia) in Japanese), or Mateus Palamecia as is his given name1, not even whether he became the Emperor through inheriting the position or whether he took it by force or other means. All that is known about him is that he desires to rule, and that he has considerable magical power.

While he wasn't voiced in any version of FF2, in Dissidia his Japanese version seiyuu was Kenyu Horiuchi and was voiced by Cristopher Corey Smith in the English version.

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Early Years

At some point in the past, the Emperor commanded the conquering of other countries. He also called forth monsters from Pandaemonium to make this easier.
One of the first countries to fall was Kashuan, which was located conveniently nearby. Deist also was one of his early targets, the country of Dragoons he obliterated almost completely, and killed off all but one of the wyverns by poisoning their water supply. After these feats, he turned his attention to Fynn, the last free country in the world. His conquest started from the north and advanced steadily towards the capital.

Final Fantasy II


The game starts with the Empire's attack on Fynn. The royal family manages to escape his clutches and make base in Altair, but the capital and the surrounding areas fall to his hands. During the attack he also gains one talented warrior, Leon, who becomes known as the Dark Knight and advances quickly up the ranks of the Palamecian army.

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Emperor Palamecia has had several appearances in the FF-TCG series, under the Ice and Dark elements.

tcg_1160.jpg tcg_2104.jpg tcg_7028.jpg tcg_13042.jpg
1-160R Emperor 2-104R Emperor 7-028U Emperor 13-042U Emperor
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14-023S Emperor PR-061 Emperor

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