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Maria (マリア [maria] in Japanese) is a young girl from Fynn. She is around 17 years old, although it could be a couple years in either direction. She has an older brother called Leon who she's very attached to, and adoptive older brothers Firion and Guy. She's passionate and caring and will do almost anything for her friends and family.

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Final Fantasy II

At the start of the game, Maria's home town gets attacked by the Empire of Palamecia. She escapes with Leon, Firion and Guy, but her parents get caught in the attack, effectively orphaning her. Her misfortune doesn't stop there, as right outside of the town the four get attacked by Palamecian soldiers.
She awakens in Altair, a town not too far away from her place of birth, one that has become a base for the resistance faction fighting against Palamecia. Soon she finds Guy and Firion who have also been rescued and brought with her. However, Leon wasn't found. She along with her two adoptive brothers asks to join the resistance, but is turned down because of their inexperience.

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Maria has had several appearances in the FF-TCG series under the Wind element.

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