Marelinne R d'Oraguille

Queen Marelinne R d'Oraguille (マレリーヌ・R・ドラギーユ [marelinne r d'oraguille] in Japanese), the 10th ruler of San d'Oria, was also known as the Sentinel Queen. She was born in 557 and was orphaned soon after. After the death of her cousin Acheufagais R d'Oraguille in 568 she was pronounced the next ruler. She disappeared and was pronounced dead in 588.



When Marelinne's parents died she was secretly adopted by her family's cook, and thus continued living. She was 10 years old before the event of the last king's passing away brought her to the attention of the nobles, and she was proven a blood relative to the royal line and made the Queen. However, due to her young age she was in need of a guardian, and turmoil continued among the San d'Orian nobles.

Eventually in 575 CE1, at 17 years old, she grew weary of the battle for the throne, and left on a survey of outlying San d'Orian areas, never to return to the capital again, issuing her orders from where ever she was situated in San d'Oria at the time.

In 580 CE Queen Marelinne married Count Fillendinant of Tavnazia, although not much is known about their marriage. The next that is known about her journey is that in 586 CE the ship carrying her crashed in the Ashack Mountains in Norvallen. It is unknown whether this incident is widely known, and indeed if she even survived it.

Nevertheless, by 588 CE, at age 31, Queen Marelinne had disappeared and was pronounced dead. It is unknown what relation the next king Dormirique R d'Oraguille has to her.

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