Marche Radiuju

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Currently resides in the town of St Ivalice in a yellow house, although he just moved in. It isn't known where he used to live, but it was south enough that he had never had a snowball fight before moving.
He lives with his brother Doned Radiuju and his mother. His father is presumably dead, although his parents might just be divorced. He has always been bad at sports, but that changes somewhat when he gets to Ivalice.


His first day at school his class has a snowball fight, and he befriends Mewt Randell and Ritz Malheur during that.
When he awakens in the dream Ivalice he unknowingly insults a Bangaa by calling him a lizard. Montblanc the Moogle comes to his aid, and takes him into his Clan, the Clan Nutsy.


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Marche has had one appearance in the FF-TCG series, bearing the Light element.

6-087R Marche

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