Major Elliott

Not very much at all is known about Major Elliott. The only thing mentioned about his past is that he has lost family to the Phantoms, and that is why General Hein trusts him.
Major Elliot was voiced by Matt McKenzie in the English version of the movie.

The Spirits Within


Major Elliott is one of General Hein's trusted men. He carries forward Hein's orders, and also reports to him of things of note. One such thing was the death of General Hein's orderlings placed in the squad of Gray Edwards to report on his and Aki Ross's doings.

When General Hein decided that the Council must be given a push to accept the usage of the Zeus Cannon, he took Major Elliott with him, along with several others of his men. They took over the Barrier Control Center, and lowered the barrier in one sector. This resulted in the Phantoms gaining access to all of New York Barrier city, and its eventual destruction. Major Elliott was one of the last of General Hein's men to die in the Control Center.

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