Magus Sisters

The Magus Sisters (メーガス三姉妹 [magus sanshimai] or 'the three magus sisters' in Japanese) is a group of sisters in various Final Fantasies, consisting of Cindy, Sandy and Mindy, in the picture from right to left.
In most cases, the Sisters are a summon, see here for more details on those. This page concerns the non-summon Magus Sisters.

Final Fantasy IV

In Final Fantasy IV, the Magus Sisters are underlings to Barbariccia, the Chaos of Wind, who is herself under the employ of Golbez. They don't appear to have any defining characteristic other than being three sisters, and their 'Delta Attack' is very rudimentary, consisting of casting Reflect and then bouncing spells to their enemies from that.

The Magus Sisters are defeated during the course of the story in the Tower of Zot.

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