Luneth (ルーネス [luneth] in Japanese) is one of the four Warriors of Light in Final Fantasy III. His real parents are unknown, but he was raised by Elder Topapa and Nina in the village of Ur alongside Arc. His age in the game is unknown, but presumed somewhat young, maybe early teens. In the Japanese version, the personal pronoun he uses for himself is オレ [ore].
Luneth is generally easygoing and has a strong sense of justice. However, he is also reckless and generally does not think his actions and words through, causing him to come off as disrespectful or careless. In the unused dialogue, he shows a more competitive personality and a love of treasure. He also gets sick on airships.
From the opening movie it can be deduced that his 'intended' job is Warrior.

Dissidia, while featuring the main characters from each main-series game, didn't have Luneth but instead the nameless Onion Knight from the original version. While some people consider Onion Knight's name to be Luneth, and his alternate costume resembles that of Luneth, Onion Knight's personality, lack of purple coloring or sigil and the name of the costume being Luneth-Style in Japanese, it is not likely that he is Luneth.

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Early Years

Nothing is known about Luneth's early life and biological parents. He was brought to the Floating Continent in an airship with Cid Haze and the three other future Warriors of Light. The airship they were on crashed with the upheaval that stopped the time in the lower world and covered it in darkness. From there, he was adopted by Elder Topapa and Nina of Ur alongside Arc.

Luneth's life leading up to the game appears to have been peaceful and even somewhat boring. He is the first of the Warriors to come across a Crystal.

Final Fantasy III


Right before the start of the game there is an earthquake in the vicinity of Ur. Afterwards, Luneth goes exploring north of the village and manages to fall down a hole into a cave complex. Right off the bat he gets into a battle with three goblins. Things do not really improve as he tries to find his way out of the cave, and stumbles on the Crystal Room. A Land Turtle attacks him.
After a victorious battle with the turtle, the Crystal situated in the room speaks with him. It tells him to go find the other people who will become champions of the Light. Afterwards, Luneth finds himself on the surface again.

Luneth heads back to Ur, where he is greeted by the Elders of the village. They tell him to go forth on a journey for the Crystals, that it is his fate. The village is abuzz with rumors about him leaving and strangely enough, the nearby town of Kazus having all the people cursed and turned into ghosts. Luneth heads there after Arc, who is trying to prove his bravery to the children of Ur.

Together, the two ascertain that the Kazus townspeople have indeed been turned into ghosts. They say it's due to Djinn, who awakened after the earthquake. The two boys are sent on a quest to find a Mythril Ring to remove the curse, to find the smith Takka's missing daughter, and recover the airship of Cid, a traveler from Canaan.
The journey takes them to Cid's airship, where they meet Refia, Takka's daughter. Refia doesn't have a Mythril Ring and cannot forge one, so she joins the boys and all three head to Castle Sasune. However, troubles do not end there - all but one of the residents of the castle have been turned to ghosts, too, and the mythril ring is in the possession of Princess Sara who has disappeared.

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In his Freelancer outfit, Luneth wears a light purple turtleneck with a dark purple sweater and a brown vest made up of three belts, white pants and black boots. He also wears a sort of pack around his hip at a tilted angle.
These elements recur in a number of Luneth's job outfits. His vest, in particular, is the basis for his personal emblem, being a 3x3 pattern of squares based on the belts.
Brave Exvius features Luneth in his Freelancer outfit, with higher rarities giving it a more armored look, reminiscent to the Warrior job outfit.


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Luneth has had several appearances in the FF-TCG, under the Fire element. Other than for that, his appearance has appeared on quite a few job-type cards, depicting him in his various jobs.

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