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Luca (ルカ [luca] in Japanese) is the only daughter of Giott, the king of Dwarves in Final Fantasy IV. Her age is unknown, although it can be deduced she was rather young in FF4, and around her twenties in Return of the Moon. She is a quite capable machinist, and is rarely seen without her mechanical dolls Calco and Brina.

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Final Fantasy IV

When Cecil's party first meets Luca in Final Fantasy IV, she is in the hall of the Dwarven Castle and asking after her lost dolls. The fate of the dolls is soon revealed, they have been possessed and attack Cecil's party in the Crystal Room.
Later on, her necklace is revealed to open the way to the Sealed Cave where one of the Underworld's four Crystals resides. She gives the necklace to Cecil's party when her father asks her to do so, in order for Cecil and the others to retrieve the Crystal to the relative safety of the Castle.

During the Underworld story arc Luca gets well acquainted with Cid Pollendina while he is recovering from his wounds in the Dwarven Castle. Cid later becomes her teacher in the art of mechanics.

At the end of the game, she attends Cecil and Rosa's wedding at Castle Baron, where she meets Palom, one of Mysidia's genius mages, who gets quite interested in her as he's never seen a dwarf before.

The After Years


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Luca has had one appearance in the FF-TCG series, bearing the Fire element.

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While FF4 had the first appearance of the name Luca, it was also later used for the name of a city in Final Fantasy X.

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