Louhi (ロウヒ [louhi]) - or the Witch of North (北の魔女 [kita no majo]) as she is more widely known - is one of the first characters introduced to you in 4 Heroes of Light. She is a powerful witch living in a mansion to the north of Horne. At first she appears to be an enemy, but it's later revealed she's not a bad person, just sells the use of her powers occasionally. She obeys absolutely the ruler of Spelvia.
Louhi has light teal colored hair and eyes, and dresses in black.

The mythology behind her name supports her status as the witch of north. Louhi is originally the queen of the northern land Pohjola in Finnish mythology. She is a powerful witch with the ability to change shape, and with several beautiful daughters who the heroes of all lands want as their wives.



Early Years

Nothing at all is known about Louhi's early years. However, there are rumors going around in Horne that she was originally an inhabitant of Spelvia. Considering her loyalty to Roland who rules Spelvia, it's likely this is true.

It's unknown when she started living in her mansion and how she came in possession of said mansion, but around 15 or more years before the start of the game she was already there. Before the King of Horne forbid the use of magic in the kingdom, she used to help people with her powers if they brought her enough jewels in payment. However, she somehow gained a bad reputation and become viewed as evil.

Four Warriors of Light

At the very start of the game, she kidnaps Aire, the second princess of Horne. When Brandt, Jusqua and Yunita come to her mansion to save her, she refuses to fight them, instead choosing to summon a minion to distract them and flee herself. Aire is freed.

After that, she doesn't appear until the flashback-section of the game, right around the time Aire is born. The Warriors of Light discover that she made a contract of some kind with the possessed King of Horne so he could unlock the seal on the ultimate black magic. Aire was to be her price for doing so. However, in the rewritten past the Warriors of Light enter her mansion to try convince her not to go through with the contract. She doesn't agree until Roland arrives on his dragon to tell her not to go through with it. She immediately obeys.
From her mansion is also provided the Lamp of Truth that allows the Warriors of Light to discover the true form of the demon possessing the King of Horne, and thus save Horne from its bad future.

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