Locke Cole

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Locke Cole (ロック=コール [locke cole] in Japanese) is one of the main characters in Final Fantasy VI. His job is given as an adventurer (冒険家 [boukenka]) in the supplementary materials, although he describes himself as a Treasure Hunter. At the time of the game he is 25 years old, 175 cm tall, and weighs 67 kg. His birthday is 24th November, and his blood type is O. His birthplace is listed as 'unknown'. He loves maps and hates mushrooms, and has a habit of taking naps in fields.

The name Locke may be a reference to the Scandinavian domestic fire spirit of the hearth, called a locke or lokke. To be sure, his story is intimately connected with fire and the power of resurrection (through the appearance of phoenix), strengthening this connection, and even his surname may in fact be an alternate spelling of 'coal'.

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Locke has had several appearances in the FF-TCG series, bearing the Wind element.

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5-074L Locke 5-075U Locke 7-060C Locke 11-059R Locke
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