Linette is in employ of Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern of Ul'dah in Final Fantasy XIV. She can be found at the main counter of the guild.


Miner Quests
A Piece of History (start)
Little Saboteurs (start)
Runaway Little Girl (start)


(guild tasks)
Linette: Many think mining for the burly and dim of wit, but it is as scholarly an endeavor as any. There is a whole world's worth of knowledge to be found beneath the surface. Should you be interested, there's no shortage of tasks to be done. Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern always welcomes the honest labor of you adventurers.
(when receiving good payment)
Linette: Precisely what we were hoping for! Well done, <Player>. Here is your payment, as agreed.
Here, you're taking this as well, and I'll not hear otherwise! Amajina & Sons could do with a hundred more adventurers like you!
The miners will have more tasks to be done before long. You just be sure to keep checking the task board over at the Adventurers' Guild.

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