Lilica (ルルカ [lilica] in Japanese) is the Maiden of Water from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. She prays to the Water Crystal so that her people may enjoy prosperity. By her command, the waters of Lake Dohr rise or recede.
Lilica has two brothers, Nichol and El. Their parents are unknown, but they are from a prestigious family known to have produced many Maidens of Water.

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Lilica's name was changed into 'Luka' in the Global version, presumably to invoke nostalgia. The name has appeared before as the name of Luca the person in FF4 and Luka the city in FF10.

Like the name of Krile in FF5, Lilica's name can be easily misread if you don't know what you're doing with words of French origin and/or style. In this case the ル [ru] katakana can stand in for various sounds with have no direct equivalent in the Japanese language. In Lilica's case, the ル stands for a 'li' sound when transliterated, just as in Krile's name it stands for 'ri' and 'le' sounds. Alicia from FFBE, Lilica's brother's fiancée, also has this usage of ル in her name.

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