Lightning (ライトニング [lightning] in Japanese) is the protagonist of Final Fantasy XIII and a major player in FFXIII-2, as well as a playable character in Duodecim. She has a younger sister called Serah Farron, and the two's parents died when they were young. Because of this, she's very protective of her sister. The two lived in Bodhum before the events of the game, and Lightning had a job protecting the city from monsters. She became a l'Cie in 13, and is thrown into the Void Beyond at the end of it, which is presumably the time she ended up in Duodecim. Sometime after her fall into the Void, she woke up in Valhalla and became Etro's Knight. She's 21 years old at the start of FF13, and is 171 cm tall.

Her seiyuu in the Japanese version is Maaya Sakamoto, and is voiced by Ali Hillis in the English version.

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In the Play-Arts series, Lightning has three figurines to her name. The first is from FF13, the second from FF13-2, and the last one from FF13LR.

Lightning appears in quite a few cards in the FF-TCG. She's mostly either Lightning or Light-element, but has also appeared with Water, Wind and Earth elements. The cards are pictured below.

tcg_1116.jpg tcg_1117.jpg tcg_2081.jpg tcg_2102.jpg
1-116S Lightning 1-117U Lightning 2-081R Lightning 2-102R Lightning
tcg_5155.jpg tcg_12092.jpg tcg_12117.jpg tcg_13192.jpg
5-155R Lightning 12-092S Lightning 12-117R Lightning 13-192S Lightning
tcg_13205.jpg tcg_14123.jpg tcg_pr027.jpg tcg_pr060.jpg
13-205C Lightning 14-123S Lightning PR-027 Lightning PR-060 Lightning
tcg_pr072.jpg tcg_pr080.jpg
PR-072 Lightning PR-080 Lightning

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