Leveridge is a Hyur sailor who could be found nearby to the Fisherman's Bottom in Limsa Lominsa of Final Fantasy XIV version 1.x.


Leveridge is not involved in any quests.


Leveridge: Greetings there, my friend! I have everything I need for my forthcoming sea voyage! Have you everything for yours?
Or perhaps you carve a different sort of adventure from the sea than merely travel? If so, then might I be so bold as to direct you to the Coral Tower? There you will find the headquarters of the Knights of the Barracuda - the thalassocracy's standing navy. Join their ranks and experience the thrill of battle as you had never thought possible! That is, if they accept you, of course.

(picking up mats for leve)
Leveridge: The duties of a ship storesman can prove terribly time-consuming, which is why I always try to make use of the plentitude of semi-talented crafstmen and women this city-state has to offer.
Now here are the materials you will require to complete the task. Experience has taught me I should not expect over much, but faith in my fellow man has always been a shortcoming of mine. Ah hah hah hah hah.
(leve not ready)
Leveridge: You have the order and the materials necessary to fill it. Is there any reason you should not be crafting at this very moment?
(turning in leve)
Leveridge: Why, this work seems to be of acceptable quality. You have my thanks, adventurer, and my sincerest apologies for doubting your skill.

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