Leonhart (レオンハルト [leonhart] in Japanese) is a young man in his twenties (could be a year or two younger) from Fynn. He has a younger sister called Maria and two adoptive brothers - Firion and Guy. It isn't certain whether he had this quality before the events of the game got to him, but he believes that strength solves everything.

Leonhart is known as Leon in most English translations.
While there hasn't been much any actual voice acting in any version of Final Fantasy II, in the opening CG cutscene of the PS version Leon was voiced by Takayuki Yamaguchi.

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Final Fantasy II

At the start of the game the Empire of Palamecia attacks his home town. While his and Maria's parents get caught in the attack and are killed, he manages to escape with Firion, Maria and Guy. However, right outside of town they get attacked by Palamecian soldiers. That is the turning point of Leon's life. It isn't known how it comes about, but he joins the Palamecia army.


While Firion, Maria and Guy join the resistance against Palamecia and believe him dead, he rises in the ranks of the Palamecia army. He becomes the Dark Knight, a high-ranking commander in charge of subduing the kingdom of Fynn under the rule of Palamecia.

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Leonhart has had several appearances in the FF-TCG series under the Ice element.

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