Lenna Charlotte Tycoon

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Lenna Charlotte Tycoon (レナ・タイクーン in Japanese) is the heir to the throne of Tycoon as well as one of the Warriors of Light in Final Fantasy V. She is a bit frail but takes her duties seriously. She's 19 years old at the start of FF5, 161 cm tall and weights 45 kg. Her father is the King of Tycoon, and her long-lost sister Sarisa Tycoon.

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Lenna has had several appearances in the FF-TCG, under the element of Water. In addition to the below, she has appeared in quite a few job-type cards, depicting her in one of the FF5 jobs.

tcg_3098.jpg tcg_10118.jpg tcg_10119.jpg tcg_13196.jpg
3-098S Lenna 10-118S Lenna 10-119U Lenna 13-196S Lenna
14-120S Lenna

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