Lebreau (レブロ [lebreau] in Japanese) is a member of Team Nora from Bodhum in Final Fantasy XIII. She's a cheerful person capable of both wielding heavy guns and of making tasty food and cocktails for her seaside café - indeed, she is largely responsible for the Nora's café being so popular with the local youth.
Lebreau has black hair and brown amber eyes, and has a multi-colored tattoo of a butterfly on her right shoulder blade. She's 168 cm tall, and during the game's story she's 19 years old. Her family is unknown, and she grew up with the other older members of Nora.

Her seiyuu in the Japanese version is Yuu Asakawa, and Andi McAfee in English.


Early Years

Lebreau was presumably orphaned at an early age, although the exact details of the earliest parts of her life are unknown. She ended up in an establishment (presumably an orphanage of some kind) in Bodhum, where she met Snow, Gadot and Yuj. The four became close friends at some point, and eventually formed Team Nora. Lebreau along with the other three were the founding members of the group.

There is some unclarity in what point of her life she learned to deal with firearms. But that she did, and well. She might have picked it up along with the other three on their own, but there exists a slight chance that they would have been taught at the establishment they grew up in, although this seems unlikely.
Presumably around the time Team Nora was founded, Lebreau and the others also established a café at the seaside, and it quickly became a trendy place to be. Team Nora also grew, and Lebreau's personality made her somewhat of a mother-figure for the youngest of the team. This is the situation at the start of Final Fantasy XIII.

Final Fantasy XIII


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Lebreau wears her hair in a kind of a bun on top of her head. It's held up by a bright teal-colored hair ornament. The free parts of her hair hang down a little past her shoulders. Aside from the hair ornament she doesn't appear to have any other accessories but a thick rainbow-striped bracelet on her left wrist.

Lebreau wears two shirts, one of them appearing to be of material only slightly more malleable than denim, but of lighter build, and light lilac in color. This shirt is a button-up shirt with lacings on the sleeves, and she wears it largely open. On top of it, she has a top of the kind you tie behind your neck to hold up. Its main color is a royal purple, and it has a part of a butterfly's wing as a design on the right side of the front. She also has a half-skirt of the same design and color tied to her hips, likewise with butterfly wing designs on it. She wears it over what appears to be brown leather panties.
She also wears lacy over-knee socks of black color, and a stripe of pink around the knee. They're held up by girdles on each side of her thighs. Her shoes are bright red with black soles, and have a slight heel.


"Leave the townspeople to us"
-protecting Purged people in Hanged Edge, Final Fantasy XIII


Lebreau has made one appearance in the FF-TCG series, bearing the Fire element.

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