Lauda is a botanist hanging around the Drowning Wench of Limsa Lominsa in Final Fantasy XIV. She's known to give some tips to aspiring botanists and point them in the direction of the guild.


Lauda is not involved in any quests.


Lauda: To the north of La Noscea, deep in the mountains of O'Ghomoro, lives a tribe of beastmen made up of dirty little creatures known as kobolds. It is rumored they worship a terrible primal formed from mud and stone.
This primal is thought to live deep beneath the ground, and people say that his frequent fits of rage cause the tremors that plague the region. I can't imagine why the Brotherhood of the Broken Blade doesn't send a party of its best warriors to deal with the creature once and for all.
Maybe they are waiting for the Garleans to come and do it themselves. I hear the Empire is planning their own assault on the primals - or 'eikons', I think they call them - because they believe the creatures to be nothing more than lesser demons posing as false gods.

Lauda: In this city of fishermen and women, it is a pleasant surprise to meet one who has chosen to toil upon the land, rather than the sea.
Perhaps it is time you visited the Botanists' Guild. There, you may learn some of the natural world's most intimate secrets.
The guild can be found in Gridania, a city encircled by the majestic trunks of the Black Shroud. You will need to secure passage on a ferry to reach it.
The journey is long, but fear not: the Matron will watch over you, for you are her child, and what mother forsakes her own?

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