Latov (ラトフ [latov] in Japanese) is a Clavat from Rebena Te Ra in Ring of Fates. He is the father of Yuri and Chelinka, the game's main characters, and is married to Aleria. He's a gentle and honorable man, if a bit of a dork. He was friend and retainer of king Kolka before retiring. Latov is 40 years old by the time Yuri and Chelinka turn 12. He has blond hair and beard, and bright green eyes.

His voice actor in the Japanese version was Akimitsu Takase, and Paul St Peter in the English version.


Early Years


Nothing much is known about Latov's childhood. However, he spent it in Rebena Te Ra, receiving sword tutoring from the same person as prince Kolka did. The two were friends from a very young age, with Latov being the older of the two by two years.
The two were in their twenties when Kolka got interested in a girl at the temple, Merchess. Once he took Latov with him to the temple and he ended up meeting Aleria, Merchess's younger sister. From that on, he would spend a lot more time with her. This was because some time later, Kolka got married to Merchess.

When Merchess died soon after giving birth to princess Tilika, Latov soon ended up being in charge of Rela Cyel. Meanwhile, the situation in Rebena Te Ra was getting heated. When princess Tilika was 9 years old, the temple decided they wanted to use her as a sacrifice for unlocking the power of the Cursed Moon.
King Kolka, knowing they were after her, sent Tilika to Rela Cyel along with Aleria. It was a night with a big storm, and the city's waterways were getting flooded. Aleria and Tilika tried getting out, but Cu Chaspel appeared and took Tilika deep into Rela Cyel. Latov and Aleria tried going after them, but were too late to save Tilika, who was locked within the Rela Crystal and perished there.

After that incident, Latov and Aleria got married and moved to a small village west of Rebena Te Ra along with Alhanalem and Meeth Crym, two other close supporters of the king. There, the two got married and had Yuri and Chelinka.
However, the happy family life lasted a brief while only. While the twins were still babies, Cu Chaspel was sent from the temple to retrieve Aleria. She left willingly, hoping to protect her family. Afterwards, Latov raised Yuri and Cherinka with the support of Alhanalem and Meeth.

Ring of Fates

Latov's first appearance in Ring of Fates has him chopping firewood outside his house. He ends up teaching something about doing everything together to Yuri and Chelinka, and giving his hatchet to the two to play with. At the same time, Stiltzkin, Latov's old acquaintance, is visiting the village.

His next appearance has him taking Yuri and Chelinka to Rebena Te Ra. He has some business in the city, although it's not mentioned what exactly that might have been. He arranges to meet the twins again at a certain time, but the temple's bells are weird and he misses them. He frantically searches through the city until he finds the two close to the Abandoned Town. They return to the village. However, the damage was already done and the temple had noticed that at least one of the twins was a Starsinger.

There is a brief interlude with the twins visiting Mt Vaal with Al. Then comes the day when Cu Chaspel comes to the village again, this time to bring the twins with him. Latov refuses to give them up peacefully. There is a short battle, and Latov falls to Chaspel's attacks while trying to protect Yuri and Chelinka. He dies in his home, holding his beloved children in his arms.
Yuri later buries him next to their house.

However, this is not the end of Latov's story. Later on, when the twins are 12 years old, they end up in the land of the dead. There, a Lich animates Latov's soul and makes it fight the twins and their friends. The small group defeats him and Lich, and after Carbuncle makes them witness some events of the past, Latov's soul regains his memories, and bids farewell to his children.

When Yuri and Cherinka remake the world at the end of the story mode, Latov as well as Aleria is alive and well, and the twins are children again.


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Latov has had one appearance in the FF-TCG series, bearing the Fire element.

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