Laila Brilioth

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Laila Brilioth (ライラ・ブリリオート [laila brilioth] in Japanese) is the current leader of Troop Brilioth in Final Fantasy XI. She has blonde hair and brown eyes, and her family comes from Bastok originally. She has practiced dancing since she was little, goaded on by her mother Annika. Her father's name is unknown.
Laila is a strict tutor and a no-nonsense performer, and is only willing to take into her troop those who have a highest desire to become a dancer, with some skill required. In the game, she can be found with her troop in Upper Jeuno G-7, next to M&P's Market and close to the clock tower.



Early Years

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Final Fantasy XI

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Laila starts the following quests.

Lakeside Minuet
The Unfinished Waltz
The Road to Divadom
Comeback Queen
A Furious Finale


Laila has had one appearance in the FF-TCG series, under the Water element.

9-152R Laila

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