Lafla Morfla

Lafla Morfla is a member of the Weavers' Guild Sunsilk Tapestries of Ul'dah in Final Fantasy XIV. He can be found at the counter of the guild, handling guild mark transactions.


Lafla Morfla is not involved in any quests.


Lafla Morfla: I am prohibited from selling these wares for coin, adventurer. Only Weavers' Guild marks will do.

(About the guild)
Lafla Morfla: The warp and weft of reality are like those of any fabric. Take up the weaver's needle, and in time you too will see this truth.
From fiber to thread, thread to cloth, and cloth to finished product - there is naught we cannot coax our clothes to do. We also excel at producing vibrant dyes and tinctures to accommodate our customers' individual tastes.
The lesser tools of our trade are not to be overlooked, either. You may find they will enable you to produce a variety of results from the selfsame pattern.

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