Kurasame Susaya

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Kurasame Susaya (クラサメ・スサヤ [kurasame susaya] in Japanese) is the commander of Class Zero in Final Fantasy Type-0. He's a strong fighter in his own right, and was once known by the name 'God of Death with the Ice Sword' (氷剣の死神 [hyougen no shinigami]). He fights with a Tonberry by his side.

Kurasame was originally a student of the Academy of Magic just like the cadets he now watches over. In his student times he was known as one of the Four Kings of Suzaku (朱雀の四天王 [suzaku no shitenou]), but the identities of the rest of the Four Kings are unknown. He died when Ceatuna summoned Alexander against the forces of Byakko, having given over all his life energies for the summoning.

Kurasame's seiyuu is Takahiro Sakurai.


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Kurasame is not a playable character, although he can appear as a helper through the Intrusion mechanic if you choose to have people from the Academy come to your aid.

Weapon: Ice Sword
Magic: Blizzard MIS2
Ability: Absolute Zero


Kurasame has had two appearances in the FF-TCG series to date, both under the Ice element.

tcg_4021.jpg tcg_10027.jpg
4-021U Kurasame 10-027R Kurasame

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