Kuja (クジャ [kuja] in Japanese) is a Genome created by Garland in Final Fantasy IX. He was created as the 'Angel of Death' to bring destruction to the peoples of Gaia, as opposed to his and Garland's home world of Terra. On the surface level, he's narcissistic and prone to grand gestures and theatrical prose. His 'destiny' as the destroyer of Gaia may have left him somewhat out of his mind. He was created in 1776, and thus was aged 24 at the start of the game. By the end of the game, his status is unknown.

While FF9 didn't feature voice acting, Dissidia and Duodecim do. In the latter games, Kuja was voiced by Akira Ishida in the Japanese version and J.D. Cullum in the English one.

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Early Years

Nothing much is known about Kuja's life on Terra. He was created, and presumably went through training and testing to make sure he was fit for his mission. When his 'brother' Zidane was created, likewise by their common 'father' Garland, Kuja likely felt jealous. In 1787 when Zidane was 4 - Kuja himself being 12 years old at the time - Kuja dropped Zidane down to Gaia, ensuring that he himself would be Garland's focus.

Kuja's efforts likely paid off. When he was 15 years old, in 1790, Garland ordered him to destroy Madain Sari, the city of summoners, as it was the most likely source of resistance to his plan. Kuja did as ordered, and did so thoroughly. There were only five confirmed survivors, only two of which were still alive by the start of the game. But this incident also caused something else to happen, and that was to bring to Kuja's attention the power of the Eidolons. The following year he started research into them in earnest.

Eight years later Kuja was a quite accomplished scientist by his own right, and had created the prototypes of his black mages, artificial beings created using the power of the Mist as their source of life. His other research is unknown, although he likely continued looking into Eidolons for a very long time, and who knows what else had caught his attention. In 1799 January he approached Queen Brahne Alexandros of Alexandria and eventually offered his black mages to her as an army of conquest. The once-gentle queen, made mad by the loss of her husband and Kuja's machinations, accepted his offer. By February, a black mage factory was working. Finally, in July 1799 approaching the start of the game's events, Kuja stole away Queen Hilda of Fabool and the Hilda Garde I. His reasons for doing this are unknown.

It isn't known what else Kuja had been up to in his years on Gaia. For certain he had somehow made or acquired the Desert Palace and had connections in the noble houses of Treno, as well as a more than passing familiarity with the culture of Gaia. He also commanded silver dragons, although the specifics of this aren't known.

Final Fantasy IX

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Kuja has had quite a few appearances in the FF-TCG series, under the Ice element.

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