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Krinjh (キリンジュ [kirinju] in Japanese) is one of the Moon Folk in 4 Heroes of Light. He is quite likely the last of his kind. He appears to be determined and bright, and seems to be willing to do just about anything to save his beloved Ariadne. He has light teal-colored hair and gray eyes. His exact status is unknown, although it appears that he might become the next king of Guera at the end of the game.

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Early Years

Nothing much is known about Krinjh's early years. As he is a person of full Moon Folk blood it's obvious that his parents must have been too, but there is no clue as to what happened to them. Considering Krinjh's attachment to Ariadne they must have spent some time together before, but it's unknown how long, or even how the two of them met.
All that can be confirmed of Krinjh's life is that he must have spent quite some time in the Guera desert, finding ways to protect Guera.

4 Heroes of Light


In the flashback section of the game, Krinjh has just stolen a shoot of the Great Tree from Arbor, and delivers it to the King of Guera in exchange for Ariadne's safety. After the Warriors of Light convince him that it was a bad idea and the king is actually a demon in disguise, he and the Warriors hurry to the Quicksand Castle to save her. There, the king is revealed as Asmodeus, and the Warriors defeat him, saving Ariadne in the process.
Afterwards, Krinjh and Ariadne can be found in the throne room of Guera, and give over the Shield of Light to the Warriors to aid them on their journey.

It is unknown what happened in the original timeline, but in the end Ariadne somehow got into danger and Guera was cursed. Krinjh ended up wandering around in the desert with the endless sand storm, before meeting up with Brandt and Yunita of the Warriors.

In this old timeline, he teamed up with the two Warriors to obtain the Merkmal that could break the curse of the sand. After that, the three of them headed to the Quicksand Castle where they saved Ariadne, and Krinjh disappeared.


While the origin of Kirinj's name isn't certain, it's possible that it comes from the Japanese word 麒麟児 [kirinji], which means 'child prodigy' or 'wonder child'. Consequently, the two first kanji of the word by themselves refer to Kirin, a mythological Chinese unicorn. See the page for Kirin for more on the mythology behind it.

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