Kopuru Fupuru

Kopuru Fupuru is a Lalafell employed by the Hourglass inn in Ul'dah of Final Fantasy XIV version 1.x. He could be found at the inn's back entrance at the Gold Court, escorting in customers.


Kopuru Fupuru is not involved in any quests.


Kopuru Fupuru: Ah, my lord/lady <Player>! You stand before the back entrance to the inn rooms of the Hourglass. Pray avail yourself of this ingress should access not be possible via the front.
(What can he do you for? Retire to an inn room)
(no dialogue, enter inn room)
(Set secondary home point)
Kopuru Fupuru: You would do us a great honor by choosing the Hourglass as your return destination!

Category: People

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