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King Kolka Tawantyn (コルカ=タワンティン [kolka tawantyn] in Japanese) is the Selkie king of Rebena Te Ra in Ring of Fates. He had a wife, Merchess, and daughter, Tilika Tawantyn, but both die before the game's main story. When not burdened by the deaths of his loved ones and his mind muddled by the Lunites, Kolka is a great man with a weird sense of humor, but also a heavy feeling of responsibility. He seems to crave for adventure when not doting on his daughter.
Kolka has bright red hair and brown eyes. When Yuri and Chelinka were 12 years old, he was 38.

Kolka's voice actor in the Japanese version was Masaki Aizawa.


Early Years


Nothing much is known about Kolka's earliest years, only that as a child he went to the same sword tutor as Latov who is two years older than him. The two became good friends,1 and Latov later became Kolka's right-hand man and awarded leadership of Rela Cyel.

In his twenties Kolka met up with Merchess, who at that time was a temple maiden.2 Around that time he also introduced Latov to Merchess's little sister Aleria. At that time Kolka was still a prince, however within several years he became the king and married Merchess. An unknown time after their marriage, Merchess gave birth to Tilika and died soon after.

Tilika was looked after by Aleria, Meeth Crym and his loving father. Years passed, and Kolka caught wind of something bad happening in the temple. The hierophant Galdes was up to something. Kolka made a decision to send Tilika to safety,3 first to Rela Cyel to Latov and from there farther away. However, Tilika never got farther than Rela Cyel. That night, she was caught by Cu Chaspel and died within the Rela Cyel Crystal.

It is unknown how Kolka reacted, however he must have taken it roughly because he was burdened by guilt even more than 10 years later. Latov, Aleria, Meeth and the Royal Mage Alhanalem went to live in a small village west of Rebena Te Ra, and it is unknown if Kolka knew even this.
An unknown time after Tilika's death, Kolka's mind and memories were muddled by the Lunites, and a Lich disguised herself as Alhanalem and stayed by his side, making sure he did nothing that Galdes would disapprove of. The citizens of Rebena Te Ra who used to view Kolka as a good king, started doubting his ability since he was merely hiding himself away in the castle. That was the situation the game opened to.

Ring of Fates

When Yuri, Chelinka and Alhanalem first came to him in the game, Kolka didn't recognize Alhanalem. He retired early, prompting Al's group to try go to Rela Cyel to find proof that Al was in fact the Royal Mage.

When they later returned from Rela Cyel with the cloak Tilika was wearing the day she died, Kolka started remembering something. Eventually he recognized the real Alhanalem and invited the group to his room to talk about recent events. That was when Cu Chaspel, a minion of Galdes, arrived and quite literally stabbed him in the back. Kolka fell, and Alhanalem's group were branded as traitors.

Upon their successful return they arrived just in time to save Kolka from the Lich who was masquerading as Alhanalem. More talk ensued, and by the end of it Kolka was determined to lead the attack force on the temple himself. The next day, that was exactly what he did, and they succesfully invaded the temple. However, he stayed behind on the entrance hall of the temple when Alhanalem and Yuri's group went forward to defeat Galdes.

However, the group wasn't in time to stop Galdes's plan, and Galdes gained the power to change the world. In one of these worlds, Kolka and Tilika were enthralled by Galdes and were looking forward to the day when Tilika would be used as the Catalyst for Galdes to gain more power. In the final world Galdes made, Kolka had been defeated by Galdes in battle.

In the world Yuri and Cherinka ended up in after catching Galdes in an infinite time loop, Kolka was once again the king, and called a hero by the people of Rebena Te Ra for defeating the evil hierophant Galdes with his own hands. However, it was a world where both Merchess and Tilika had died. Kolka offered to have Yuri and Chelinka live in the castle with him, but Yuri refused.
It is worth noting that in this world, Kolka claims to have memories because of his bloodline's connection to the Great Crystal, and that he is the same in all the possible worlds that exist.

In the final world that Yuri and Chelinka made, Kolka as usual is the cheerful king of Rebena Te Ra. He gives out quests to adventurers, sending them to investigate and solve the kingdom's problems. In this world, his daughter Tilika is also alive, and by the multiplayer mode's ending he gives the throne to Tilika and retires himself.


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King Kolka has had several appearances under the Lightning element in the FF-TCG series.

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