Kokobi is one of the Brass Blades on guard duty in Ul'dah in Final Fantasy XIV. He can be found at the entrance to the dunes where the market wards and Merchants Ward lie, and is known to aid travellers.


Kokobi is not involved in any quests.


Kokobi: Halt! If there is aught you wish to know, you need only ask the Brass Blade before you - Kokobi of the Rose!
(Is there aught you wish to know? Tell me of the Dunes)
Kokobi: The Dunes, is it? Yes, well, it is the common area of the commonfolk, and lies just beyond here. There you will find both the Merchants Ward, comprised of the homes and workshops of both crafters and merchants, and the market rows, where peddlers and traders gather to sell their wares.
Is there aught else? Ask what you will. And be quick about it.
(Tell me of the Merchants Ward)
Kokobi: The Merchants Ward lies on the far side of the Dunes, and serves primarily as a residential district for both craftsmen and traders. There are educational and religious centers, as well. Aye, it's quite a bustling little area, and has a charm to it.
(Tell me of the market rows)
Kokobi: The market rows lie on the other side of the dunes, and are host to the most lively bunch of shops and bazaars you're like to find in Eorzea. It is the only place you need visit if you have a mind to spend your gil - well, there and the pillowhouses, of course.
(Tell me of the Hall of Flames)
Kokobi: You as well!? Gods, are there none left who haven't heard? Yes, Ul'dah's Grand Company has established itself in the Dunes. The Hall of Flames welcomes all who would serve. They are not so demanding as we Brass Blades.
(Tell me of the Fronds)
Kokobi: The Fronds? Look no further - you're in them, friend. The richest of the rich live here, counting the gil in their mansions on Emerald Avenue and Ruby Road. It is also home to some of Ul'dah's greatest architectural feats, and is located directly below the royal palace. There's water to be had, and even plants to be seen. Quite lovely, actually.

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