Kipih Jakkya

Kipih Jakkya is a Miqo'te reporter from the magazine The Raven in Gridania, from the game Final Fantasy XIV. Not much is known about her personally, although she appears to be in a responsible position in the magazine as she often writes many articles on the main events happening in Eorzea, and commentary on them after they have passed on the article series The Last Word.

It bears noting that she is not a regular NPC, but instead a GM-controlled event NPC who only appears at certain times and can interact with the players. The language she speaks in can be either English, Japanese, German or French, depending on your luck. She will refuse to speak any other language but the one designated for the GM.



It is unfortunate, but at this time nothing is known about Kipih Jakkya the person. She is known to have appeared in Ul'dah to gather information in conjunction with the Hunter's Moon event 2011, as well as in Gridania gathering Mole Meat to give to Cid Garlond in exchange for an interview in 2012.


Kipih is a miqo'te with shoulder-length blonde hair and a cream/blonde-colored tail. She wears a tunic decorated with stylized ravens on the back and front, the ravens the color of her tunic overall (an off-white color) but on a background of deep blue. This deep blue band of color circles the tunic's shoulders. There are also stylized crosses of the same deep blue color beneath the band on her chest. The tunic is bound to her waist with a light-brown leather belt.
Aside from the tunic she wears dark blue breeches and fingerless gloves, white socks and black leather shoes with a metal/silver buckle on the top. She also has a dark hat with a blue feather on it attached to the hat with a metal/silver buckle.
The clothes she wears is reported by herself to be the uniform of a Raven official reporter.


"Ohh, you want my hat? Hehe, unfortunately that's something you have to earn! My hat is my most prized possession and I shall not give it up."
-5.9.2011, Figaro server (original in German)

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