King Gorn

King Gorn (ゴーン王 [gorn-ou] or 'King Gorn' in Japanese) is the king of Saronia and the father of Alus Restor. His wife is unseen throughout the game and it is confirmed later by a soldier in Saronia Castle that she is dead. He is old enough to have gray hair, appearing about 60 or 70 years old.

Nothing is known about his earlier life before Gigameth appeared at his court. It is unknown what exactly happened - some kind of mind control perhaps - but his personality changed and he became strange and cruel even to his son, to the extent that Alus escaped the castle into the city.

When Alus came back into the castle escorted by the Warriors of Light, Gorn stood up to Gigameth, and took his own life to protect his son, who he hoped would protect Saronia's peaceful future.

Category: People

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