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King Freyr (フレイ [frey] in Japanese) is an elf and the king of Alfheim in Final Fantasy Dimensions. He is kind-hearted and has always led his country with wisdom and care. He has a family, his wife queen Cilque and his son prince Adrian. They appear to live atop the Yggdrasil.
Freyr's true age (as it appears, elven lifespan is unknown) seems to be somewhere in the middle ages, maybe approaching 50 in human years. However, his seeming age when he's met during the story is around 70 in human years. This is most likely due to Asmodai's meddling. Freyr died of his afflictions at the end of Second Sight, the Ranger chapter.

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It's unknown when Freyr was born, if he was born to royalty, how he grew up, and how he got married. Basically all that is known about his life before he appears in Dimensions is that he ruled Alfheim with love and justice.


Then came the day that Asmodai, the General of Earth of Avalon, appeared in front of Freyr. It is unknown when and where this meeting happened, but it was presumably somewhere secluded as there is no mention of other people getting caught up in it. It is unknown what exactly Asmodai demanded, but king Freyr ended up begging him to spare his family. Asmodai acquiesced. He took Freyr's appearance, aged him, robbed him of his eyesight and memories, and set him loose in the world. From that day on he pretended to be Freyr, and the real Freyr was a nameless vagabond who settled down to live by the town of Verde.

Under Asmodai's rule, the World Tree Yggdrasil started to wither. The people of Verde, connecting it with Freyr's appearance, took to blaming the old man. Freyr however, was content to protect the forest and its inhabitants as he could, even despite his new frailty.

Finally, the Warriors of Darkness reached the Mazewood and met Freyr. They thought him an odd old man and took to calling him Gramps, and ended up requiring his assistance to pass through the wood to Alfheim beyond. Freyr gave them this help after they proved to be kind-hearted enough to help wounded woodland animals. He stayed with the Warriors after they left the wood, and strange headaches started coming up on him whenever certain topics were brought up. One such topic was the problem of entering Yggdrasil, a holy land forbidden to humans. Through his headache, Freyr felt a calling of some kind to the northern mountains.
Thinking it to be as good an option as any, the Warriors headed there with Freyr, and found a cave complex that led beneath Yggdrasil. Finally, the small party reached the upper levels of the World Tree.

Within Yggdrasil, they met prince Adrian. Freyr got one of his headaches and turned away, and as a result of that and his changed appearance was not recognized, even with prince Adrian begging the Warriors to find out why his father had changed so much. The band continued on to the throne room. There waited Asmodai.

Through his headache and the Warriors being defeated by Asmodai, Freyr finally remembered who he was. He attacked Asmodai with all he had, and succeeded in bringing down his miasma shield. However, it and Asmodai's blow of revenge exhausted him to the brink of death. He managed to live for moments more, enough to see Asmodai defeated.

Freyr died at the arms of his beloved wife Cilque in the company of her, his son Adrian and the Warriors of Darkness.


Freyr in his present appearance looks like a very old elf with long white hair. It's tied in two long braids at the back and two shorter ones at the front. He has a blue hat with a rainbow-colored feather on it, as well as a black archer's glove on his right hand. Those seem to be with the best condition out of his clothes, as other than them he wears a long brown (and patched) tunic, a bright red scarf on his neck, and beneath the tunic some close-fitting black shirt and pants. On his feet he has black sandals.

Freyr's weapon of choice is a longbow which he carries on his back. In addition, he relies on a gnarled wooden stick while walking.


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King Freyr has had one appearance under the Wind element in the FF-TCG series.

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