King Epitav

King Epitav (エピタフ王 [epitav-ou] or 'king epitav' in Japanese) is the old king of a destroyed kingdom in My Life as a King. The name of his kingdom is unknown, and is usually just referred to as the 'old Padarak'. He is the father of Leo, and his wife died some time before the fall of his kingdom. He also took in Chime and raised her along with Leo.



It is unknown what happened in Epitav's life before the birth of Leo. He can be presumed to have been born in the old Padarak, married, and at some point taken in Chime. His wife died when their son Leo was still young, and he seems to have gone somewhat mad upon her death. He started closeting himself away in his study and researched everything he could about a 'Promised Land'. It is unknown when he met Stiltzkin, but the two are known to be friends.

Sometime after his strange behavior, Epitav disappeared in search of the promised land. While he was gone, his kingdom fell to miasma and was destroyed. However, soon after the miasma was cleared from the world. Sometime during his journey, he met and rescued Pablov, who started traveling with him.
Now, it is unknown whether it happened before or after the disappearance of miasma (although common sense seem to point at a post-miasma world) when he found what he believed to be the Promised Land, the ruins of an ancient city in a frontier land. He started rebuilding his kingdom there. This proved to be a harder task than he had probably thought, for the Dark Lord had claimed rule over this land. Eventually, Epitav was defeated in battle with the Dark Lord, and secluded away in the Dark Lord's temple.

Eventually, his son Leo found the Promised Land and took up rebuilding their kingdom. However, where Epitav had failed Leo succeeded, and soon the newly-born Padarak's forces took on the Dark Lord and won, freeing Epitav in the process. Upon his return, Epitav publically announced that Leo would continue as the king of the new country.


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King Epitav has made one appearance under the Wind element in the FF-TCG series.

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