King Argus

King Argus (アーガス王 [argus-ou] or 'King Argus' in Japanese) is the king of Argus in Final Fantasy III. It is unknown what lands he rules over, as his castle is far from other human settlements. His family relations and personality is unknown, although he appears interested in technology. When Cid Haze's airship crashed on the Floating Continent Cid for some time became his Master Airship Engineer.

His advisor before the start of the game is Hein. However, around the same time Djinn casts his curse, Hein starts acting weird. He betrays King Argus and brainwashes the soldiers of the kingdom to do his bidding, and brings King Argus to be his prisoner in the basement of his castle. That is where the Warriors of Light rescue him from. With Hein defeated, King Argus rewards the Warriors with what they need to build an airship to get out of the Floating Continent. The item needed is an heirloom of his family, passed down for generations.

It is worth nothing that the throne room of his castle holds a big round table. That and the similarity of their names make for a rather certain reference to the tales of King Arthur.

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