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Archduke Kam'lanaut (カムラナート大公 [kam'lanaut taikou] or 'archduke kam'lanaut' in Japanese) is a Zilart in Final Fantasy XI. In his own time he was the second prince of the Zilart, with his elder brother Eald'narche being the first. From the 850s Crystal Era he resided in Jeuno and became its leader, bringing an era of unbeforeseen prosperity to the duchy. He has the stereotypical blond hair and blue eyes that all Zilart bear, is left-handed, and has quite strong powers of the mind. While in truth his age is well more than 10,000, he claims to have been born in 830 CE while he masquerades as a Hume.
The Vana'diel Tribune had an article on him. He was defeated by adventurers while trying to fulfill his brother's orders in 887 CE.

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Kam'lanaut has made several appearances under the Dark element in the FF-TCG series.

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