Kakamehi is an alchemist hanging around Drowning Wench of Limsa Lominsa in Final Fantasy XIV. He gives instructions on what to do and where to find the guild for aspiring alchemists.


Kakamehi is not involved in any quests


Kakamehi: Serpents, sirens, specters… This stinking cesspit is swirling with unsavory scuttlebutt, I say!
Everywhere's abuzz with word of an enormous sea serpent at the moment. I swear they never stop whispering about it, yet when I raise the topic in conversation, all I get is sullen scowls.
As far as I can make out, the Lominsans seem to think it may be connected to some sort of legend. Hmph! Nothing but superstition, if you ask me!

Kakamehi: Those meddlesome old misers at Mealvaan's Gate have made it their mission to take the secrets of the Alchemists' Guild for themselves.
Hah! Good luck, I say. Knowledge is power, and power should never be simply given away. Just think: the more people who know the secrets of our trade, the fewer opportunities we have to use those secrets to raise ourselves above the rabble!
Alchemy is a noble craft, granting its practitioners the power both to preserve life, and take it. The last thing it needs is to have its clear waters muddied by those who do not appreciate its subtleties.

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