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Kain Highwind (カイン・ハイウインド [cain highwind] in Japanese) is a Dragoon from Final Fantasy IV. He's a man of 21 years old at the time of FF4, is 183 cm tall and weights 61 kg. He has blue eyes and long blond hair, although these are most often obscured by his helmet. He has a lot of pride, which can lead him to conceal his thoughts and actions from others, even partially from himself.
He's childhood friends with Cecil Harvey and Rosa Farrell, and has lived in the kingdom of Baron for most of his life. His family consists of his father Richard Highwind, a Dragoon lord from one of the most influential families of Baron, and his mother. Both of these are dead by the time the events of FF4 comes around.

His seiyuu in the Japanese version of Final Fantasy IV DS and Dissidia was Yamadera Kouichi and Liam O'Brien in English version.

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Early Years


Kain is from the kingdom of Baron, the only son of the Commander of the Baron Dragoons. From a young age, he has felt a fierce pride in his family, and aspired to be a Dragoon just like his father. He grew up with Rosa Farrell, and a little later Cecil Harvey. At first, Kain disliked Cecil, since he was a nobody that the king picked up, but the two later became best friends and, at times, fierce rivals.

Kain aspired to follow the footsteps of his father from an early age, and trained in the art of dragoons. his efforts were rewarded when he managed to win the loyalty of his father's wyvern, who had been wasting away since Richard's death. This feat earned him the place as a Commander of the Dragoons, and this is the position FF4 finds him in.

Final Fantasy IV


At the start of Final Fantasy IV, Kain presents himself as a righteous young man and a supportive friend to Cecil. Not long before the start of the game, Cecil has been ordered to recover crystals from neighboring countries, by force if need be, and has just returned from Mysidia, where he has taken the crystal there at swordpoint. Cecil questions the king's orders, and gets demoted and sent on a side mission to deliver a ring - in some versions unknown, in some the Carnelian Signet - to the village of Mist. When Kain protests, he is sent together with Cecil.

Just before reaching Mist, Cecil and Kain get attacked by the Mist Dragon, which they defeat in order to continue. When they reach Mist, however, the unexpected happens: the Bomb Ring, as per its name, sends out Bombs that decimate the village. In the rubbles of the village, they find a little girl, crying. The Mist Dragon they destroyed earlier was, in fact, her mother's Eidolon, and her mother died with it. The girl blames Cecil and Kain for it. While the two are arguing about what to do with her - Kain wants to kill her to finish their job, whereas Cecil wants to spare her - she summons Titan, who creates a landslide. When the dust clears, Kain is trapped on one side of the rubbles, with Cecil and the girl on the other.

When he can't find Cecil, Kain returns to Baron, possibly to report what happened to Cecil, and to get help. In Baron, he meets a man named Golbez, the anew Captain of the Red Wings, taking Cecil's old job.

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The After Years

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Kain has appeared in the FF-TCG several times, always under the element of Thunder.

tcg_2068.jpg tcg_2069.jpg tcg_2070.jpg tcg_3077.jpg
2-068S Kain 2-069U Kain 2-070E Kain 3-077R Mysterious Man
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6-060S Kain 11-085U Kain 13-142S Kain PR-081 Kain

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