Josseloux is an Elezen who helped with Firefall Faire 2011 in Gridania of Final Fantasy XIV version 1.x.


Event quests
The Heat is On (talk)


Josseloux: Welcome to the Cascadiers' Festive Mortar. Here we dispose of Bombard ash while providing the citizens with a veritable feast for the senses by way of a stunning firework display. Aye, two birds with one stone. You're free to loose any fireworks you have. Make a good job of it, and you may even win yourself a prize.

(when you have fireworks)
Josseloux: Have a mind to loose fireworks? Using the Festive Mortar there, one could paint the sky with such a dazzling display that every soul for malms around would be loath to blink lest they miss so much as a single sparkle.

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