Joshua Corrinne Bardorba
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Joshua Bardorba (ジョシュア・バルドルバ [joshua bardorba] in Japanese) is the young son of Duke Bardorba in Vagrant Story. At the start of the game he is 4 years old, and the prized 'light' of his father's life. While not much of his personality can be determined, he does seem to have the ability to see the true nature of a person1



Not much can be said about Joshua's so-far very short life. He was born when his father was already 60 years old, and was ever raised in comfort in the old duke's manors.

During the Graylands Incident when the Mullenkamp Cult led by his older brother Sydney Losstarot attacks the Graylands manor, Joshua is taken captive and brought to Lea Monde to assure Duke Bardorba will not interfere too much with Sydney's plans. While the situation must be very stressful for the young boy, he appears to adjust well enough under John Hardin's care.
At the end of the game, Joshua is brought out of Lea Monde and escapes its destruction with Callo Merlose.


Joshua is a young boy with brown eyes and brunette hair, kept long but not long enough to reach his shoulders. Not much else can be said about him, as he is clothed in a tunic of beige and blue-black fabric that appears to be a bit on the heavy side. The tunic reaches almost to his knees. Underneath he is wearing beige breeches and light-colored shoes.

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