Josef (ヨーゼフ [josef] in Japanese) is a middle-aged man from Salamand. He has a daughter, Nelly, who he'll do anything for, but doesn't seem to have any other family. In his home town, he's a well-known and beloved leader, keeping up their spirit even when they face occupation by foreign forces. He's also a spy for the resistance in Fynn, and seems to have a love for the wilderness.

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The Early Years

Not too much is known about Josef's past. He presumably grew up in Salamand, and had a wife at some point. However, his wife died, leaving him to fend along with his only child Nelly. They lived together in a big house in the middle of the town.
When the Empire of Palamecia invaded, he joined the resistance and did all he could to make a better future for his daughter and his townspeople.

Final Fantasy II


Josef first shows up when Firion, Maria, Guy and Minwu appear in Salamand on Princess Hilda's orders to check up on the Mythril mine nearby at Semite Falls. At first he is suspicious of the four as the first three especially look young and inexperienced, but warms up quickly when they manage to prove that they were indeed sent by the princess.

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Josef has had several appearances in the FF-TCG series, bearing the Ice element.

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