Joe Hayakawa

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Joe Hayakawa (早川丈 [hayakawa jou] in Japanese) is a scientist in Final Fantasy Unlimited. He's the father of the main characters Ai and Yu, and is married to Mary. He has brown hair and wears glasses.
His voice actor in the Japanese version is Takumi Yamazaki, and Brendan Walsh in the English version.



Early Years

Nothing is known about the very earliest years of Joe Hayakawa. However, at some point he became a geologist and met his future wife Mary. The two settled down in Sidoshima in Japan. Their lives appeared to go peacefully, until the day of conjunction came. A dark pillar appeared in the Sea of Japan, and two monsters battled it out in the skies.

After that, the two became interested in the phenomenon and started investigating it. They somehow ended up being drawn in to Wonderland, where they found two seemingly abandoned children, Ai and Yu. The Hayakawas adopted and raised them as their own. They also released the book Day of Conjunction detailing the phenomenon of the dark pillar and the worlds beyond it.

When the twins were 12 years old, the Joe and Mary went back to the Wonderland, and didn't return.


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