Jihli Aliapoh

Jihli Aliapoh is a Miqo'te from Gridania in Final Fantasy XIV. She was the instigator behind Hatching-tide, first receiving visions of Archons, writing down her visions in the Dreamer's Gospel and then trying her best to assist those visions in coming true. Nothing else at all is known about Jihli herself. Due to the events of Hatching-tide, she became to be called the Dreamer.



As stated before, nothing is known about Jihli herself or her life before her dream of the Archons. Her tale for us starts at the night she received her visions of Archons telling her they were coming and needed a vessel, and sung to her the verses of the Dreamer's gospel, consisting of 120 verses.
Upon her awakening Jihli wrote down all verses of the gospel and started acquiring eggs to hatch vessels for the Archons. One day on her doorstep she found several spriggans, and enlisted them to her aid in gathering the eggs. The beginnings of her quest are detailed in The Raven article Hatching-tide. Shortly after this she started enlisting the aid of adventurers to safekeep eggs for her, giving out egg-shaped helms as a reward for their services. This started the quest The Dreamer's Gospel.

With the hatching hour fast approaching and eggs piling up, one of Jihli's spriggans, Twiggy, appears to have raided Jihli's egg storage with several other spriggan and made away with the majority of the eggs. The Raven wrote up another article on this event, in Hard-boiled High Jinks. Once again the aid of adventurers was enlisted to help, this time in gathering eggs from the wayward spriggans. The story continued in The Dreamer's Dilemma.

Upon the day of the hatching hour there was a big public event in Gridania where Jihli recited all verses of the gospel in front of a veritable mountain of eggs. After this she fell into a deep meditative state and the eggs were scheduled to hatch into Archons. However, time passed and naught but a single dodo hatched. The crowds dispersed and Jihli went home. What makes this event interesting is that the next morning she awoke with no memories of the whole incident with the Archons and eggs. It is unknown who were the individuals behind it, but it is clear that her memory was wiped. The Raven details the events of this last part of this debacle in Case Cracked.

What happened to Jihli after Hatching-tide is unknown.


Jihli is a young miqo'te with brown hair and fur, with bangs on both side of her face. She doesn't appear to have any facial markings, and as such is a rather unremarkable-looking miqo'te girl.
During Hatching-tide 2011 she wore a black jacket with a red rose complemented by white gloves and black-and-white striped stockings.


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