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Jenlyns is the captain of the Sultansworn from Final Fantasy XIV.

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Jenlyns: The Sultansworn are bound to defend Sultana Nanamo Ul Namo, even to the death. Such is the solemn oath that we have taken.
A true paladin is one who bends his knee to a higher cause, and offers his sword and shield without promise of reward.
Of all those sworn to protect the sultanate - the soldiers, the mounted guards, and the knights - the Sultansworn are the elite of the elite. Our conviction unwavering, our hearts true, our sword skills without peer.

(additional after Paladin quests)
Jenlyns: The Monetarists will not rest until the Sultansworn are destroyed. But I shall take up Solkzagyl's torch, and together with General Raubahn, I will restore our honor and might.

In FF14

Jenlyns fights alongside the player in various quests. Coming soon.

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