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Jemimi is a Lalafell employed by Frondale's Phrontistery in Ul'dah of Final Fantasy XIV version 1.x. She could be found behind the counter, selling alchemic wares.


Jemimi is not involved in any quests.


Jemimi: I am Jemimi. And I welcome you, friend, to the Alchemists' Guild. Tell me, what brings you to us this evening?

(Ask about alchemists)
(What would you like to know? What does an alchemist do?)
Jemimi: An alchemist is a crafter of potions and potations, medicines and medicaments; a master of extracting and decocting, transforming and transmuting.
(Where can I obtain crafting materials?)
Jemimi: I carry a few of the most basic reagents, but you will most likely be able to find more in the market rows located in the Dunes.
(What can I do with my creations?)
Jemimi: I have been given a small stipend by the Phrontistery to purchase the creations of budding acolytes, but you may make more selling your potions in the market rows.
(How can I improve my alchemy?)
Jemimi: Practice, my friend. Practice.
You also might try your hand at a levequest or two. The Adventurers' Guild will have several guildleves available for the eager alchemist.
(Nothing in particular)
Jemimi: May all your experiments be fruitful!


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