Jan Rosencrantz

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Jan Rosenkrantz (ジャン・ローゼンクランズ [jan rosenkrantz] in Japanese) is a would-be VKP member and a Riskbreaker from Vagrant Story. He has the power to render the Dark ineffective, and is in general a mysterious character. His only aim in life seems to be to get ahead, no matter the means. He's in his late 20s.

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Jan has a very sleek look with his narrow features and well-tended hair and beard. Even his eyebrows look somewhat tended to, as they are sleek and well-defined. His light brown hair is very short and brushed to the right starting from his left temple. In addition to a small beard, he has a short mustache as well. His eyes appear to be brown.
Rosenkrantz wears what appears to be a hybrid armor of cloth, leather and steel. The majority of his clothes on his torso are a kind of red, and feature a white cross on his chest. His hips have steel guards, as well as his arms, legs and hands. He has long boots of some decorated leather/metal that end above his knees. His sword is an undecorated one but long and thin, not quite a rapier but not too far from one either.


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