J'moldva is a flame-haired Miqo'te of the Wood Wailers in Final Fantasy XIV. However, she's a native of Ala Mhigo, and made a detour through Ul'dah and its Coliseum before ending up in Gridania as an officer of the Wailers. During her time at the Coliseum, she was known as the Hellfire Phoenix, and seems to have been friends with Greinfarr. Her age is unknown, but considering that Ala Mhigo fell 15 years in the past from the start of FF14's service, she must be at least in her 30s in the present day.


Early Years


Not much is known about J'moldva's life in Ala Mhigo. Whatever family she had is unknown to us, and how and how soon exactly after the fall of Ala Mhigo she ended up in Ul'dah is equally unknown. Even if she was a warrior already at that time is unknown, or if she found her skills while fighting for fame at the bloodsands. What is known that it wasn't too long after the fall of Ala Mhigo, and that at the time Ala Mhigans still weren't exempt of the participation costs.

However it happened, J'moldva took to the bloodsands and became one of the fiercest warriors they had. She either gained or took on the named Hellfire Phoenix due to her fights - she was claimed to continue fighting until she was bloody and beaten, rising like a phoenix from her apparent defeat to turn the tables and win the fight. For an unknown time she was a crowd favorite, and even after her retirement the crowds still chant her name sometimes, demanding for action.
J'moldva climbed to the top in the Coliseum's value, and one day she was matched against Greinfarr. The two were equally matched, and had just about equal fanatical supporters. And due to these fanatical supporters, after a while to the fight J'moldva did not dare win. Mayhem was to come whoever won the fight, and while pretending to gain strength while lying on the bloodsands close to Greinfarr, the two conversed in secret and decided that Greinfarr should win. Greinfarr did win, and J'moldva suffered wounds.

What happened next is unclear, but the Ala Mhigans that were her most fanatical supporters were naturally enraged, as well as her other supporters. J'moldva decided that this was to be the end of her career. She had received wounds from either Greinfarr ending their fight or in some unknown conflict after, and Greinfarr took it upon himself to take her to the Black Shroud to the north, where she could hopefully find a new life, one where she would not have to fight all the time to please the crowds. After reaching the Black Shroud she lost her consciousness, but Greinfarr saw to it that she was taken in by Wood Wailers and carried back to Gridania with them.

How long she took to join them isn't known, but some time later she was a member of the Wood Wailers.

Wood Wailer

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J'moldva is a frail-looking miqo'te with very pale skin and short bright red hair, tail and ears. She has light markings on her face, which in the present day is always covered with a bright red Wailer mask that covers most her features.
In the past as well as the present, J'moldva wears scale armor, although in the past it is predominantly of red leather while in the present its colors are more down to earth, browns and greys. Her weapon is a lance, of the type made out of shells of some beast with feathers used to decorate it.


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