Isleen is the handler (possibly owner) of the chocobo stables of The Mizzenmast of Limsa Lominsa in Final Fantasy XIV. She handles all chocobo-related things (including renting) of Limsa Lominsa and is the official chocobo procurer of The Maelstrom.


Isleen is not involved in any quests.


(beta to 1.18)
Isleen: A terrible blight has taken the lives of nearly all my poor chocobos… I simply cannot rent out the remaining few for fear the sickness may strike them as well.

(post 1.19)
Isleen: The blight took its toll on my birds, but it seems the worst is finally behind us, and I can now reopen my stables to the public. So, are you looking to hire a chocobo?
(What will you do? Summon your chocobo)
Isleen: Yes, yes. Wait here while I fetch <Chocobo> from the stables. And don't touch anything or I'll have your hide!
(Change your chocobo's barding)
(no script associated)
(View chocobo barding)
Isleen: If it is barding you seek, then it is barding you shall have. I needn't mention that chocobo armor can only be purchased at Maelstrom Command with Storm Seals, need I? Of course I needn't.
(Rent a chocobo)
Isleen: Excellent! Remember, your lease ends the moment you leave the saddle, so choose your place of dismount with care. I give absolutely no refunds! Ride safe, now!
(Learn about chocobo rental)
Isleen: Hiring a chocobo is simple: pay my fee, and one of my fine birds is yours…for a bell or two, at least. Oh, and despite scurrilous rumors to the contrary, my chocobos contain no vulture, eft, pelican, or other cloudkin blood - nay, nor sparrow neither. I deal only in the purest, noblest stock bred from prime Ishgardian war birds.
You will encounter no problems with any of my animals provided you follow these three simple rules:
One, stay in the saddle at all times. Our contract is ended the moment you dismount. What? You think that unfair? Well, you are welcome to take your business to the stable down the road. Oh wait! There is no stable down the road! Best live with it then, eh!? Now, where was I? Ah, yes…
Two, contract extensions will not be allowed. You are but one of many customers and I have an obligation to accommodate their needs as well as yours. When your time is up, the chocobo will drop you off and promptly return to these stables. What's that? What should you do if you are amongst a pack of bloodthirsty beasts when the time runs out? I suppose…get eaten?
Three, try and keep the bird from harm. It is not widely known, but chocobos are among the most delicious cloudkin in the realm, with meat more tender than dodo, more succulent than buzzard, and more savory than skua…n-not that I've ever tried any… Ahem! The point is that there are many terrible creatures in Eorzea who have, and if you are not careful, they will try and eat the one you are riding.
To prevent this, I have trained my birds to buck their riders and return home in the event that they encounter unforeseen difficulties. What about your safety? Hmm, an interesting point. …I suppose you might consider trying to foresee the unforeseen difficulties?
Well then, perhaps you would be kind enough to make way for my paying customers.

(What will you do? Present your storm chocobo issuance)
(you hand in your issuance, and Isleen takes a look at it)
Isleen: Seven hells, not another one! That thrice-damned Admiral and her Maelstrom are going to put me out of business - and this no more than a handful of moons since my birds were finally rid of the blight.
No, no. You don't have to go running back to your quartermaster. I'll honor that issuance, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.
Wait here while I bring you a bird.
(she walks away and comes back with one)
Isleen: What, you think I brought out the sickliest steed I had? Well, it wouldn't be a lie if I told you I'd like to have, but you can rest assured I didn't. The last thing I need is the 'Cudas confiscating my stock and slinging me in the brig.
So there you are. Don 't tell me you've seen a better bird in the whole realm.
Now, I suppose you'd like to be giving HIM a name of your own choosing.
(name the chocobo)
Isleen: <Chocobo>? How very…original.
Oh, and take this chocobo whistle. You'll need it to summon what's-his-name. <Chocobo>, was it?
He has been trained to respond only to the sound of that particular whistle, so you needn't worry about him racing off to some stranger's side.
Now, if you've quite finished plundering my stables, I'd be grateful if you'd leave me be. I have dung to shovel.

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