Isla (アイラ [aira] in Japanese), no surname known, is a childhood friend of the player character in Final Fantasy Explorers Force. She is a priestess, but chooses to take care of her duties while accompanying the International Peace Alliance.

Isla's seiyu is Ninomiya Aiko.



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Isla is a fairly young girl with long medium brown hair with a fringe, and big brown eyes. She wears her uniform as a priestess, consisting of a brass headdress, a white dress with a red cape, and white boots. The headdress, aside from the brass decorations, has also decorations of red yarn on both sides of her face. The dress is fairly simple one that reaches down to her knees, and comes with an attached petticoat of lighter material that is slightly shorter and likewise white. The hem of the overdress is divided into four portions, two in the front and two in the back, all lined with red and a square consisting of four smaller squares in red in each corner of the hems. The outside of the cape has a similar pattern in that the cape itself is red but it is lined with white and has the same repeating pattern of squares in white all around it. It appears to be attached at the front with a large brass symbol of some kind. The inside of the cape is either pink, or it is thin enough that the inside is white but the red on the outside shows through.

Isla also wears simple white gloves that reach up to mid-arm and end in a band of black. Her socks are just shorter than knee-high, and her white boots just shorter than that. They have a brass ornament with red yarn decorations on the outsides dangling from the top of the boots. In addition to her uniform, she also wears a pink choker with one bigger green gem at the front and lined with several smaller white gems on each side of it.


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